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Testing and Commissioning

Pipeline Associates can offer its clients a complete commissioning package. Our specialist teams can advise and carry out swabbing, pipe testing, purging, chlorination and sampling.

Having ensured the safety and integrity of test ends, we can test pipework hydrostatically or pneumatically. For hydrostatic tests we use our own Radcom Data loggers and software to record and analyse the characteristics of the pressurized pipeline. When undertaking pneumatic tests, we use our own Druck Digital Pressure indicators.

Pipeline Associates own Vernon Morris dosing units for the chlorination and dechlorination of water mains and pipework. Water sampling is carried out by our personnel and analysed by an independent laboratory.

As well as commissioning pipes laid or installed by our own personnel, we can provide a tailored service to contractors who have chosen to lay their own pipes and require our teams to test and commission them.