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Here at Pipeline Associates we have the expertise and capability to provide you with a comprehensive range of services covering design, installation, testing, purging, swabbing, sterilisation and commissioning for utilities.

Our full range of services encompass:

  • Pipework – design and installation of below and above ground pipework, ranging from open cut ductile iron to bridge suspended polyethylene.
  • Multi-Utility Pipes and Cabling – for water, gas, electric and communication cable.
  • Temporary Works – design, supply and installation of temporary works ensuring safe construction of wells, manholes, chambers and pipelines.
  • Cable Pulling – including trench excavation.
  • Civil Engineering – construction and reinstatement of roads, construction of reinforced concrete structures.
  • Hydrostatic and Pneumatic Testing – experienced teams equipped with high and low flow pressure pumps, rigs, gauges, and dataloggers with download facilities. In addition we also have numerous sizes of blanking plates and bungs.
  • Plant Fleet – owned and hired large plant fleet ranging from 360° excavators to fusion welding equipment.