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Multilay and Multi-Utility

On larger sites where a new utility infrastructure is required, the use of numerous different water, gas, and electric companies can be both hard to manage and costly. The solution is to use one contractor to supply and lay the necessary pipes and cables, where possible, in the same trench.

Pipeline Associates have a wealth of experience in the multilay sector, with personnel experienced and accredited in the laying and commissioning of both Water and Gas mains. We have also pulled, quite literally, miles of electric and communication cable into drawpits constructed by our teams.

We can carry out the various connections required on both water and gas pipes, liaising where necessary with the relevant authorities to ensure a hassle free utility installation from start to finish.

In 2009 we achieved full accreditation for both the Water Industry Registration scheme (WIRS) and the Gas Industry Registration Scheme (GIRS). We also gained membership of The Institution Of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM).